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My Ultimate #ItalianGirlSummer Playlist

Grab yourself an aperol spritz ragazzi, and get ready for #Italiangirlsummer!

The Italian music industry is THRIVING right now, and artists are coming out with some of their best music yet. At this time of the year, my library becomes 80% Italian, and I have all of my favourites on repeat.

I know I definitely won't be making it to Italy this year, but with this playlist, it'll feel like I'm right there in Tropea. Here are my absolute favourites that'll give you the ultimate Italian Girl Summer:

Paloma- Fred De Palma (feat. Anitta)

Non mi basta più- Baby K [It's not enough for me anymore]

A Un Passo Dalla Luna- Rocco Hunt & Ana Mena [One step away from the moon]

Mediterranea- Irama [Mediterranean]

La Isla- Giusy Ferreri & Elettra Lamborghini

Karaoke- BoomDaBash & Alessandra Amoroso

Ciclone- Takagi & Ketra, Elodie & Mariah [Cyclone]

Sangria- Emma Muscat (feat. Astol)

Guarana- Elodie

Autostop- Shade

Bimbi per strada- Fedez & Robert Miles [Children on the street]

I hope you love these songs, and that you enjoy your summer just as much as I will! Let me know below which songs are your favourite, and be sure to like this post if you want me to keep sharing Italian hits with you!

Fa la brava,


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