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About me
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Ciao! My name is Juliana. I'm Italian-Canadian, and very passionate about my cultural roots. My father immigrated to Toronto from Basilicata during his childhood, and my mother was born and raised in Guelph by her Calabrese parents.

I spend the majority of my time dreaming about the motherland, and reminiscing on my previous travels to Italy. While I believe I have seen a great portion of Italy, I always find myself longing to return and see even more. 

I was brought up in a big, loud, traditional southern Italian family, and I have so many memories to be proud of. Amazing food, family values, and witty dialect are just a few things that have made my family so special to me.


Living in Toronto, I have found many authentic hot spots that I think capture the essence of true Italian culture. Those are places that I swear by, and strongly recommend to my friends and peers.


My goal is to share my experiences growing up Italian, travel destinations that are most memorable, and why I would choose no other life than the Vita Italiana.


Grazie! Message received.

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