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Musica Italiana 2020 Rewind

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Vita Italiana x Musica Toronto Favourite Italian Hits

Grazie Dio, 2020 has finally come to an end! This past year has definitely had its ups and downs, but one thing that made the year better for me was the great Italian music that was released, and hearing the Italian and Latin communities come together!! This musical recap is different than previous years, as I'll be sharing some of my favourite hits of the year in collaboration with Musica Toronto!

The brand Musica Toronto has really caught my attention over the past two years with their passion for the Italian music industry, and I was so excited to have the chance to chat with them about the stand-out songs of the year. Musica Toronto is an Italian-Canadian brand created by Rob and Erica Vardaro, a brother-sister duo who's mission is to help the younger Italian generation come together and celebrate their culture through music. Rob and Erica are strong believers that the Italian music industry offers something for everyone, and they create their own Spotify playlists to help you find songs that fit your vibe. Like myself, the creators of Musica Toronto grew up listening to the classics, and have found an interest in staying up to date with today's biggest names in the Italian music industry. After several song exchanges this year, and learning more of their personal favourite artists, I knew that there was no one better to create this recap with.


During our conference call, we discussed topics like our regions in Italy, our passion for keeping our dialects alive, and how our love for Italian music has evolved over the years. Be sure to check out our video on IGTV to catch the full conversation right here:


Without further ado, here is the Musica Italiana 2020 rewind:

A un passo dalla luna (Ana Mena & Rocco Hunt). This was across the board, our top song of the year! We loved seeing the two cultures from Spain and Italy come together in this song, and the positive reaction it gained. A un Passo Dalla Luna was at the top of the charts several times throughout the year, and it was no surprise that the Spanish version that was released was just as popular. This was also a huge win for the Napoletana community with Rocco Hunt's dedication to keeping his dialect alive, and the exposure this song created for Napoli.

Paloma (Fred De Palma & Anitta). Another summer hit from the ANTHEM KING, and a Brazilian icon. This collaboration was absolute perfection, and brought people across the world together for a summer party! It's safe to say that all of us had this song on repeat, and after you listen to it, you just might too!

Baby (Sfera Ebbasta & J Balvin). This song paved way for the Italian music industry, with another fantastic collab featuring one of the biggest names in the Latin music industry, J Balvin!! Baby was released in Sfera Ebbasta's latest album Famoso, which ranked #4 on Spotify as one of the most listened to albums in 2020! We hope this song inspires people of all cultures to take an interest in Italian music artists, and we can't wait to hear more Spanish hits featuring Italy's finest. If you're a J Balvin fan, or are really into Spanish music, you need to hear this song!

Sangria (Emma Muscat feat. Astol). Emma Muscat's career was born from a talent seeking show in Italy, and has quickly captured hearts in Europe, and now Canada! Sangria was the 2020 summer escape that we never had!! If you're having summer withdrawals, you need to give this a listen!

Guaranà (Elodie). Elodie is another success story from the star seeking show Amici, and has quickly become a favourite of ours! Guarana is such a catchy song that has turned heads of non-Italians in our own circles! Check this song out to learn why it made it to our favourites list!

Good Times (Ghali). Another big hit from the Italian household name, Ghali. This artist has made his mark by connecting with many generations in Italy. Good Times is a different vibe for the rapper/ trapper, with it's pop influence, but it's safe to say he nailed it! If you're in for a good time, click the video below!

Non è vero (The Kolors). Also known from the show Amici, The Kolors has quickly become one of the stand out groups in Italy with their disco sound. This song pays tribute to such an iconic period in time, and is sure to be appreciated by all generations. We were definitely loving the 70's vibes with Non è vero.

Crepe (Irama). Crepe is one of my personal favourites! Another infectious hit from the summer anthem creator, Irama. This quickly became a go-to jam for any activity. Irama's creativity, and ability to thrive in different genres just proves how talented of an artist he is. One listen to this, and you'll be hooked!

Non mi basta piu (Baby K feat. Chiara Ferragni). This is another hands-down favourite of ours from 2020. The hit maker Baby K came out with this summer anthem that went double platinum, featuring the iconic Chiara Ferragni. It's another feel-good song that kept us going throughout the year.

Bella Storia (Fedez). Fedez is one of those OG artists in Italy who's known for his collab's and versatility, but makes magic on his own! Bella Storia is certainly a top favourite of ours, with its 80's feel that was very on trend this year. If you were a fan of the throwback vibe in 2020, you need to check this out!


More of my favourites:

Vediamoci Stasera (Astol, LDA, Robledo). This is an Italian-Latin collaboration that I created the perfect end to 2020!! If you love a reggae ton beat and great vocals, you need to check this out.

La Isla (Giusy Ferreri & Elettra Lamborghini). If you ever wondered what an Italian fiesta sounds like, just click on the video below! La Isla was such a good summer jam in 2020, with its upbeat music, and catchy lyrics from two powerhouse female Italian vocals. This song just instantly makes you want to dance, and is another standout summer hit.

Obsesionada (Boro Boro & Fred De Palma). Since the release of his last album, Fred De Palma has been coming out with many amazing collaborations, and Obsesionada was one in that quickly became a fan favourite. It's classic De Palma, and that's why I love it!

Maldito Amor- Samurai Jay (feat Boro Boro). More Italian-Latin vibes! A catchy, and easy to listen to, reggae ton hit.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it helped you find some new Italian artists to seek out. Give this post a like if you enjoy learning more about Italian music, and comment down below your favourites from this list, and other songs you think I should check out. Be sure to check out Musica Toronto on Spotify, Youtube and Instagram to stay up to date with Italian music releases.

I want to give a huge thank you to Rob and Erica for collaborating with me on this Musica Toronto 2020 Rewind, and I look forward to celebrating more amazing music releases with you in 2021!

I'm excited to see what this year brings, and I'm so thankful to have another year to celebrate with you all.

Fa la brava,


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