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My Northern Italian Bucket List

Bring on the mountains and risotto!

I've seen a great portion of Northern Italy over the years, and while I've already seen several regions, I still feel there's so much yet to be discovered. Northern Italy has always fascinated me for multiple reasons. Firstly, the cuisine is much different than what I'm used to, as a result of Slovenian and Austrian influences. In particular, Northern Italian dishes typically use more butter and rice, as opposed to olive oil and pasta. Secondly, there's the breathtaking landscape I've only briefly seen and heard of. To think if Italians want to ski, they only have to head North, and that blows my mind. It's incredible to know this country can offer so much, and not enough people realize that! Finally, theres the unfamiliar history. Being exposed to main historical landmarks in Central and Southern Italy has kept us isolated from the background of Northern Italy, and that's something I want to change for myself.

Each time I've visited Northern regions, I've fallen more in love with it, and the help of social media has definitely given me that nudge to return even sooner. Here are some of my bucket list destinations in Northern Italy:

1. Portofino

This absolutely breathtaking village is located in the Genoa region of North West Italy. It's a vibrant city right on the Ligurian Sea, known for it's seafood restaurants, shopping, and pastel painted homes. This village has a similar feel to those on the Amalfi Coast, and Cinque Terre, but the character behind these places is something I'll never get tired of. A boat ride and swim in Portofino is at the top of my to do list in Northern Italy.

2. Lago Di Braies

Just three hours from Venice is this incredible lake in the Alto Adige region of North East Italy. This is not your average Italian vacation spot, and that's what I love most about it. It's absolutely unreal to think that such a place could exist in the same country my family comes from. I can only imagine the feeling of taking a boat ride across this lake, and being in absolute awe of this landscape's beauty. Whether it's a weekend trip during my Northern Italian travels, or a stop along my commute, this Lake is one of my MUST SEE spots.

3. Rimini

Rimini is located in the Emilia-Romagna region of North East Italy. This city is known for its art, and its beaches on the Adriatic Coast. The water is quite shallow, which makes it a more comfortable spot for swimming. You wouldn't expect to find such a large beach in Northern Italy, and I'm very curious to see if it compares to any down South.

4. Torino

Torino is located in the Piemonte region of North West Italy, just one hour from Milan. This city is known for architecture, its cinema museum, and is home to Juventus FC. Torino has remained a box to check off in my books, especially because it's such a well-known destination that's quite foreign to me. I'll be sure to visit, learn more about the history of the city, and see yet another Italian soccer game.

Let me know if you have any recommendations for places you've visited in Northern Italy, and stay tuned for more of my Italian bucket list destinations.

Fa la brava,


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