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My Dream Guilt-Free Feast

Spoiler alert, there's carbs involved.

I'm sure everyone can relate that we're finding ourselves eating A LOT while being in quarantine. I don't know about you, but my beloved genes don't let me stuff my face with bread and pasta all day and get away with it. So I've learned that pacing myself, and eating with my eyes is key.

My sister raised the most interesting question the other night at our dinner table, and I couldn't wait to share it with you. She asked:


"If you could have one full day where you could eat absolutely anything you love, and not have it affect you, what would you eat? It could come from anywhere in the world, you'd have an endless appetite, and you wouldn't feel sick, or gain a single pound".


It's hilarious, but I had my answer ready in under a minute. I thought about all of my favourite meals across Italy, and at home in Toronto. Here is my dream guilt-free feast:

Breakfast: Eggs Benedict with a side of crispy bacon.

We're starting off slow here, but this is probably my all time favourite breakfast.

Lunch: Neopolitan pizza, stuffed zucchini flowers, arancini, crocchette, and grilled zucchini.

I had some of the most amazing pizza while sitting on a beach in Ischia, and I'm still dreaming about that Margherita. I'd pair that with my favourite fried trio: stuffed zucchini flowers (a Southern Italian favourite), arancini (filled with meat and peas), and my Nonna Giuseppina's crocchette. Then I'd have a side of grilled zucchini, because I could truly eat that all day too.

THE Snack: Salmon cheese ball with water crackers

My Zia Nat made this for a special occasion once, and it has become one of my favourite things on earth! It's so flavourful, creamy, and if it didn't cost me any calories or pounds, I'd eat the whole thing!

Dinner: Pici alla cinghiale and cacio e pepe from Antica Trattoria L'Aquila in Siena, spaghetti with mussels from Sorriso Resort in Ischia, tajarin with baccala and shaved truffle from Bistrot Guviol in Torino, lasagna from Sud Forno in Toronto, and grilled zucchini and eggplant.

These are probably my top five favourite pasta dishes I've ever tasted, and I can't begin to explain how amazing each of them are. BRING ON THE PASTA! ....And the grilled veggies of course!

Dessert: Pistachio and nocciola gelato in Italy, and tiramisu from Terroni in Toronto.

These are hands-down my FAVOURITE desserts of all time. With the weather getting warmer, all I can think about is a buttery gelato from Italy, and who doesn't always crave a good tiramisu?

Late Night Snack: Movie theatre popcorn, and Kernels say cheese popcorn.

After a long day of feasting, there's always room for popcorn.

What would your dream guilt-free feast be? Let me know below, and like this post if you enjoyed it! I hope you're all staying safe and eating well during this quarantine.

Fa la brava,


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