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Italian makeup: is it worth it?

My honest opinion on Wycon Cosmetics

I fell in love with Wycon Cosmetics when I visited Italy on my summer exchange, and stopping by one of their stores has become a must for all of my visits ever since. As soon as I found out that my all time favourite Italian cosmetic brand started shipping to Canada, I knew I had to place an order. If you've ever been curious about purchasing Italian makeup, I'm about to tell you that you absolutely need to take the plunge! Whether you're walking the streets of Rome, or you're visiting Wycon's site online, you will notice that they ALWAYS HAVE AMAZING SALES! Buy 3, get one free, 30% off the whole store, and buy a mascara and get an eyeliner free (to name a few). The products are all made in Europe (mainly Italy and Germany), and range from makeup, to skincare, tools, and more.

With my most recent order, I was able to receive free shipping with 30% off, and buy 3 get 1 free on my 20 item order. This purchase included everything from mascaras, to concealers, blushes, foundations, powders, setting sprays and lip products -THE WORKS. Now, combine that with my most recent shop in November, and I've basically tried it all! If you're ever considering trying Wycon Cosmetics, here's what you need to pick up, and leave behind:

Top 7:

  1. Hottitudes Desert Vibes Eyeshadow Palette- $27.76 Let me just say that this palette is EVERYTHING! It has 15 super pigmented shades with mattes and shimmers. They each blend perfectly with a brush, or your fingers for a more natural look. This palette has amazing quality and colour selection, and is perfect for summer!

  2. All Day Perfect Matt Effect- Mattifying Fixing Spray - $16.26 This setting spray is exactly what you need to get you through the warmer months. I wore this for 15 hours on my birthday in 30+ degree weather and it did not budge one bit. It is an absolute GOD SENT.

  3. All Night Party Concealer (04 Cool Beige) - $8.71 Amazing coverage, blends incredibly well, and DOES NOT CREASE! Simple as that!

  4. Hero Lips Christmas Kit (03 So Mauve) - $18.79 Perfect to gift or treat yourself with. This kit includes a creamy wooden lip liner and a matching long lasting liquid lipstick. The lipstick dries to a comfortable matte finish, and barely transfers. I have three shades of these lipsticks, and I'm OBSESSED!

  5. Fairy's Lashes Mascara - $12.44 Of all of the mascara's I've ever tried, this is probably my all time favourite. It gives your lashes the most amazing volume, and wears a lot better than most mascara's that you'll find at the drugstore and Sephora.

  6. Fatal Glance Mascara - $13.69 Between this and Fairy's Lashes, I'll never purchase any other mascara. This gives you the perfect volume for your lashes, and even lengthens! HACK: Apply as normal and then turn the wand so that the curve is facing up, and glide the brush on an angle. This gives you the most amazing length!

  7. Photoshop Effect Foundation (NC25) - $23.85 This foundation has incredible coverage that lasts ALL DAY LONG. It has a thick consistency, which you can easily alter with a facial oil, or mixing with your moisturizer. A little bit of product goes such a long way, so you're bound to have the product last for quite a while. I get so many compliments when I wear this foundation, and I'm in love with the product! DOWNFALL: It smells like paint.

Bottom 6:

  1. The Pure Primer - $23.85 This primer is made with natural ingredients, and is supposed to blur your pores and fine lines. I didn't notice any of those claims to be true, although my makeup did continue to last as normal. I love the concept, but I wish it performed better.

  2. The Water Mist- Makeup Setting Spray - $18.79 This setting spray is also from the same collection, and is made with natural ingredients. I'm convinced that this spray is actually grappa, because of it's very strong alcohol scent. I found that this made my makeup very sticky, and gave a weird finish. Be sure to avoid wearing this near the kitchen, especially when someone's tossing pizza dough..

  3. Ready To Glow Face Palette - $25.01 This highlighter palette has four different shades, and actually turned out to be a big disappointment. There is a lot of kick-back from each shade, and all apply very chalky. I had such high hopes for this product, and to avoid wasting it, I'll use a damp sponge to help it melt into the skin and give a better finish.

  4. Fix & Mat Loose Powder - $12.49 I wasn't expecting to receive a Casper-like finish when I gave this powder a try. If I didn't think to apply some tinted powder on top, I wouldve walked around with white rings under my eyes. Given the option, I would probably pass on this product.

  5. I'm Perfect Face Palette (03 Beautiful Mauve) - $18.79 I'm still a bit torn about this product!! The blush in this palette is so pretty, and applies nicely, but the higlighter is the complete opposite. It's chalky, and doesn't give the best glow with your finger or brush. I did find a slight improvement with a damp sponge, but I still think the formula is not the best.

  6. The Perfect Duo Blush + Bronzer (blush 02 hot tan, bronzer 1 nude) - $17.53 This is one of those 2-in-1 products that in my mind, just doesn't really work. The size of the pan makes it difficult to pick up just one shade, and doesn't allow much room for a slightly larger brushes. You need to mix the shades with this product, otherwise it's not worth it.

After all these years, Wycon still continues to amaze me. Their products outwear some of my old favourites from other brands, and I always get so many compliments while wearing their makeup! I'll definitely continue to repurchase the favourites I mentioned, and you bet I'll be keeping my eyes open for their new collections! Wycon offers some of the best quality and long lasting products out there, and with the promotions they offer, you'd be crazy not to try them out on your next trip to Italy!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you do consider trying Wycon's products! Comment down below which products you're interested in trying, and be sure to give this post a like if you enjoyed!

Fa la brava,


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